Zdjęcie profilowe

Martyna Rezai

This is city of Gdańsk, my hometown. It symbolizes my deep connection to my Polish roots and the strong foundations that have shaped me as a person. Just like Gdańsk combines history with modernity, I draw from tradition while also embracing new opportunities in my life's journey.
In 2019 I took the bold step, moving to Malmö, Sweden, and starting a completely new chapter in my life. Malmö represents the excitement and courage that propelled me to explore new horizons, broaden my perspectives, and embrace unfamiliar challenges.
I am open to new challenges and seeking opportunities for development in a dynamic and open work environment. I always set the bar high for myself and engage in every job that I do.
Family is my foundation and driving force. The mutual support and harmony we create provide me with motivation and inspiration to achieve my goals, both personally and professionally.